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Demanding use cases defined

Starting from accident analysis, 48 use cases were defined, leading to system requirements and specifications relevant for the demonstrator development. interactIVe research covers three areas of applications: continuous driver support, emergency intervention, and collision mitigation.

With the use cases chosen interactIVe goes beyond state-of-theart technologies within these fields.

To avoid and mitigate collisions, the use case �Head on collisions during overtaking and turning manoeuvres� was defined. Current ADAS do not consider this case, which is particularly challenging for long range and all around perception.

A second use case within the same context comprises �Rear end collisions including steering and braking manoeuvres�. interactIVe considers joint autonomous steering and breaking in combination. The system will trigger the steering and breaking at an early stage.

To pursue the goal of continuous driver support, the use case �Unintended lane departure accidents� was defined. The amount of control between the driver and the system is split in a continuous manner. New IWI strategies using multiple channels, such as haptic, acoustic, and visible signals are introduced.

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