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The overall system architecture is defined now

As an important milestone for the project, the overall system architecture has now been defined. The system is built of four layers addressing sensors, perception, applications, and IWI strategies.

The sensor types to be used are abstracted as a sensor layer with a defined set of generic sensors. Regarding the perception platform, time synchronisation of input and output data is essential to achieve the necessary accuracy for the subsequent sensor fusion processing. The perception layer is a major component of the system architecture. It is the interface between the perception platform and the application layer. The standard CAN (Control Area Network) bus is being used for data transport. The interactIVe application development will be implemented into the application layer that is abstracted into modules, to be implemented separately for each demonstrator, although sharing a common basic structure.

An important aspect of the architecture is the insclusion of the IWI layer. The IWI layer contains the IWI strategies and thus connects the development process with relevant standards, and research and legal requirements.

Having agreed upon the system architecture, the partners can start the development phase.

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