Framing evaluation: Workshop in Brussels, Belgium on April 18th 2011

A workshop on the evaluation framework was held in Brussels on April 18th. The objective of the workshop was to discuss the hypotheses for the interactIVe functions, which will be assessed. They had been defined by the sub-project evaluation and legal aspects in the deliverable �Specifications of the Evaluation Framework� based on the deliverable �Requirements for the Evaluation Framework�. Both documents are public and can be downloaded here.

The upcoming � also public � deliverable �Test and evaluation plan� will include a description of the methodology for the assessment and the test plans for the developed functions. One major challenge regarding the test plan is the reduction of the testing effort due to the high number of use cases and the different demonstrator configurations. It also needs to be ensured that all necessary data for a sufficient assessment are collected in the conducted tests.

Therefore the sub-project evaluation and legal aspects will elaborate the test cases together with the demonstrator vehicles building up sub-projects. Questions such as

    • Where and which way � on a test track, in a driving simulator or even real traffic - are the tests performed?
    • When will which function be tested and which equipment - available reference system, target objects - is needed?
    • Who is performing which test?

have to be answered during another joint workshop.

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