2nd General Assembly in Athens

The interactIVe Second General Assembly was held on Corfu Island, Greece, on the 3rd of July 2012. During this conference 50 participants had the opportunity to discuss the project's achievements and work performed in the different subprojects, and to plan the next steps towards the fourth and final year of the interactIVe execution. Within the integrated workshop �The Future of Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems� two presentations were discussed: Presentation 1 (internal): Collaborative Control between Human and Artificial Co-Driver by Mauro da Lio Presentation 2 (external): Extended Control Model Architectures and Results of DIPLECS Project by David Windridge. As a result of the 2nd General Assembly the consortium stated satisfaction with the outcome; well prepared for the final and busy interactIVe year - the year of the testing, evaluation and result presentation.

Participants of the 2nd General Assembly of interactIVe on Corfu Island

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