INCA - integrated collision avoidance and vehicle path control for passenger cars and commercial vehicles

INCA has implement a �vehicle path control� module, able to dynamically evaluate a collision free trajectory in rapidly changing driving scenarios. The combination of lateral and longitudinal active interventions by autonomous braking and steering have extended the range of scenarios. Rear-end collisions, but also lateral and head-on collision situations were included into research committed. The study of the special case when the equipped vehicle was a heavy truck is part of work in INCA. Altogether, three demonstrators have been equipped and tested; two of them shared with SECONDS.  

Depending on traffic situation, the system choses the best path to avoid the crash.


Update 1.0 (June 2011)

In sub-project INCA the development of the software modules for the vehicle path control has started. All demonstration vehicles are in the workshops and under development: the cars Volvo S60, Ford Focus, and the truck Volvo FH13. First intermediate results from simulations regarding to braking-steering systems were reached.

Co-funded and supported
by the European Commission
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