vision: accident-free traffic

The interactIVe vision was accident-free traffic realised by affordable integrated safety systems available for all vehicle classes - systems that continuously assist the driver and intervene if necessary. interactIVe was motivated by the wish to reduce the number and the severity of accidents and injuries on the roads.

The predecessor project PReVENT had developed a vehicle surrounding safety zone. This zone is protecting the vulnerable road user not only by reacting to severe situations, but by actively intervening to prevent the accident and to mitigate the collision.

Active safety systems have shown considerable potential for large improvements in road safety. They inform the driver as early as possible, warn the driver if there is no driver reaction to the information, and actively assist or ultimately intervene in order to avoid an accident or mitigate its consequences. The advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) have been highly appreciated by most drivers testing them. So far, the system costs were perceived as an obstacle for application in day-to-day driving. interactIVe has taken the ADAS to the next level while paving the way for broad deployment of the system across all vehicle classes. At the Final Event results have been shown with presentations in Aachen and a Driving Demonstration at the Ford Lommel Proving Ground.

image: © Volvo Cars
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