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 interactIVe partner NAVTEQ at ADOSE workshop

Within the IEEE Intelligent Vehicles Symposium from June 5th to 9th 2011 in Baden-Baden, Germany the STReP project ADOSE organised a concertation workshop on "How can new sensor technologies impact next generation safety systems".

Sensor technology and safety systems

interactIVe partner NAVTEQ, provider of digital map data, participated at the event. Two sessions were held during 5th of June: one on "sensor technologies", covering a wide range of sensor technology development, with a focus on reasonable low cost sensors as required in automotive mass production; a second one on "safety systems", covering scenarios for different types of safety and protection systems, data fusion and testing methodologies.

The different topics were presented and discussed by industry and research experts. Sinisa Durekovic from NAVTEQ held a presentation on "interactIVe Perception Horizon: Approach to Accident Avoidance by Active Intervention".   

image: © Volvo Trucks



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