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interactIVe vehicle presented during EUCAR annual conference

During the annual EUCAR conference 2011 (8th - 9th November) in the Car World in Brussels, Volkswagen presented to the EU Vice-President Siim Kallas, the interactIVe research vehicle. Volkswagen is the leader of the interactIVe sub-project EMIC.

Prof. Dr. J�rgen Leohold, Head of Volkswagen Group Research and a member of the Councils EUCAR stated

�Volkswagen sees the project as an important contribution to further reduce fatalities and injuries on the roads. The stated corporate goal is to improve the systems for accident avoidance and severity reduction in the smaller vehicle classes of low-cost components to offer. Thus, the Volkswagen Group, its responsibilities and contribute to the democratization of vehicle safety. "

Technological innovation

As an extension of the emergency braking systems introduced today a series Volkswagen develops in interactIVe a system for accident mitigation, with the additional possibility of a steering intervention. This steering action takes place at a time at which the driver can not avoid the accident, but the consequences are still reducible.

In addition to reducing the collision speed it also improves compatibility with the collision opponents. A major challenge is the consideration of collision scenarios that go beyond today's rear-end collision. So ought accidents with oncoming traffic and cross traffic are considered.

Driver support

With a correspondingly high risk of accidents, the driver is warned of the impending collision, first, to avoid the collision by his driver's reaction. The driver is supported by the Brake Assist optimally. If no driver's reaction follows, it will be decided depending on a variety of collision parameters, several hundred milliseconds before a collision is no longer avoidable on the right trigger strategy for the control of brakes and steering.

The association EUCAR (European Council for Automotive Research and Development) represents the common research interests of the fourteen largest automobile manufacturer in Europe and is in direct contact with the European Commission and Parliament.

image: © Daimler AG


sub-project EMIC

Co-funded and supported
by the European Commission
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